About Salsa Nocturna

A 300 year-old story collector enlists the help of the computer hacker next door to save her dying sister. A half-resurrected cleanup man for Death’s sprawling bureaucracy faces a phantom pachyderm, doll-collecting sorceresses and his own ghoulish bosses. Gordo, the old Cubano that watches over the graveyards and sleeping children of Brooklyn, stirs and lights another Malagueña. Down the midnight streets of New York, a whole invisible universe churns to life in Daniel José Older’s debut collection of ghost noir.

“striking and original… [Older has] secured himself a place among the rising stars of the genre.”
-Publishers Weekly

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Introduction – Sheree Renée Thomas
“Salsa Nocturna”
“Skin Like Porcelain Death”
“The Collector”
“Graveyard Waltz”
“Protected Entity”
“Red Feather & Bone”
“The Passing”
“Tall Walkin’ Death”
“Love is a Fucking River”
“Forgive Me My Tangents”
“Phantom Overload”

Cover image: “Brooklyn Nights #6″ by Saddi Khali

Coming from Crossed Genres Publications on Friday, July 13, 2012.
Edited by Kay T. Holt