“A delicate mix of horror and humor permeates this striking and original set of 13 linked supernatural noir tales. Carlos Delacruz is “barely alive at all, a botched resurrection, trapped in perpetual ambiguity.” Naturally, he works as a soulcatcher for New York City’s Council of the Dead. Carlos and Gordo, an old Cubano who finds musical inspiration among the muertos, serve as common threads in a tapestry depicting the growing restlessness of the dead under the Council’s bureaucratic rule. Colorfully depicted New York neighborhoods are secretly populated by an army of ghosts—including birds, mysterious giants, and the trapped souls of an African burial ground—as well as the eccentric soulcatchers themselves. Older gracefully draws together the stories of a young man who finds an unnerving set of dolls at his girlfriend’s home, a child abuse survivor out for revenge, and serial killers both spectral and human, securing himself a place among the rising stars of the genre.”

~ Publishers Weekly

“These are stories of the magic in cities, of the life in death, of the hope that even the most cynical of people still feel deep down. It had everything I wanted: noir and horror and mystery and fantasy, all mixed up and flavored with fresh attitude. And I loved every bit of it.”

~ Locus Award-winning author N.K. Jemisin

“Older has a voice and a beat. His stuff pulses with the life of this city! The stories in this book are integrated. One story leads from another. You read them and you get the feel of New York on a tropical evening like the one we’re having. Over the air conditioner roar and kids shouting you can tell something is happening on the next block. You don’t want to know and you can’t help but stick your head out the window.”

~ World Fantasy Award & Lambda Literary Award-winning author Rick Bowes

“Every one of these single stories is like a cool tune that starts off in a steady, melancholic and low key rhythm of a blues, then jazzes up the mood with some well placed beats and chords and finally goes all funky, wrecking tear-jerking havoc. It’s not all the same, of course. Each story has it’s own distinct song.”

~ Vanilla Moon

“The genius of [Salsa Nocturna] is that is can be read as both pulp fiction and literature: as detective noir with a ghost twist, or as an allegorical commentary on issues ranging from gentrification to cultural appropriation.”

~ Carolyn Edgar

“Older writes with flair and heart and (if it’s not inappropriate to say so, given the subject matter) a real sense of joie de vivre. Events move swiftly forward, and the dialogue is fast-paced and witty … Older does not neglect the power of poetry, mixing his noirish sensibilities with some genuine lyricism.”

~ Strange Horizons

“I was left desperate to know what happens next. If Salsa Nocturna is Act 1, it has done one hell of a job getting me pumped for Act 2.”

~ Leonicka Valcius

Leonicka’s [Mini] Review [in pictures]

“I honestly haven’t read another book that could take me to so many different places emotionally at one time.”

~ Sorahya Moore